Each week of my coding bootcamp I filmed, edited, and uploaded a video describing the material covered in the week and my progress and struggles. These videos are a joy to film and edit. Click the "watch" link below each summary to view the video on youtube or click the playlist to the right to view my progress.

Week 01

The first week of CodeCrew coding bootcamp was an introduction to coding. We covered a range of topics including, using the terminal, github, a basic Python overview, intellij and a basic JavaScript introduction. This week was full of new and exciting information about coding and the specifics of CodeCrew's program. Click to link to view the fill video describing my impression of the first week!

Week 02

The second week of coding bootcamp provided a more in-depth look into JavaScript. We learned the basics of arrays,classes and objects,switch case, and scope. We also began a Python introduction. Two languages in one week! Click the link to view the full video describing my impression of the second week.

Week 03

By the third week I had finally settled into the structure of the class and found an effective study method.This week we learned Python basics. We covered loops,string formatting,data types, and functions. Python and JavaScript built on one another nicely and this week went smoothly. Click the link the view the full video describing my impression of the third week.

Week 04

The fourth week was a relatively simple introduction to HTML and CSS. We began the week with a brief review of Python and quickly moved into creating simple webpages. This was one of my favorite weeks so far. Click the link to view the full video describing my impressions of the fourth week along with a few example of the simple webpages I designed.

Week 05

Week five brought most of the skills we have been learning so far together. We linked JavaScript files to our HTML files to make our webpages dynamic. We also learned JQuery this week. These introductions made our webpages a little more complex. Click the link to view the full video describing my impressions of the fifth week!

Week 06

This was our first big project week. On Monday I completed two smaller simple game projects using HTML CSS and JQuery. Tuesday through Thursday was dedicated to creating a portfolio website from scratch. Check out the full video describing my struggles and successes of the week by clicking on the link below

Week 07

Week seven started out with a presentation of the front in project that I spoke about last week. It was amazing to see my fellow students' work and I really enjoyed being able to present my hard work. After presentations we moved into backend! Tuesday through thursday was committed to learning to basics of Django. Check out the full video describing my week by clicking on the link!

Week 08

Week eight was a deep dive into Django. We learned template inheritance, model based forms, basic CRUD, and form validation. We also completed our first django mini-project this week working with the knowledge from Monday-Thursday of this week and all of last week along with some simple front-end design.We took a sample JavaScrip test as well to brush up on the language after two weeks on Pyton and to prepare us for the JavaScript certification. Click on the link to view a pdf of the full description of the week!

Week 09

Week nine we moved from focusing fully on back-end to a more full-stack approach. We continued to work with template inheritance and model based form accessible from out html files. We had out first group project this week creating a simple full stack webpage that allowed users to login, create users and create/read/update/delete items. This week does not have a video.

Week 10

Week ten was full of projects! On monday we did a mini project creating a full stack site similar to Pintrest. Users were able to login in, view all recipes, filter recipes and create recipes. This project was a test of our knowledge of model based form and created complex functions in our views. We also completed a more complex full stack project tuesday-thursday. Click the link for a pdf of the full description of the projects!

Week 11

Week eleven is my first official week as a CodeCrew Code School Student. I passed the invitation period and I can now confidently continue on my journey to being a full stack dev! This week we started with presentations of our full stack website from last week. We also moved into a new full stack system: MERN. Click to the link for a video of the full description of my week.

Week 12

This week we wrapped up our introduction to the backend components of MERN. We also started React on Friday! We also had a guest speaker,Ted Patterson, on Wednesday to talk about UX/UI design. And finally I started some updates to this portfolio using a new propgram. Click to link for a fun video of the full description of my week!

Week 13

This was a React heavy week after being introduced to the JavaScript library on Friday of last week. We built several small projects to gte comfortable with using components to their full potential using state and properties. On Friday we began to combine the full MERN stack by bringing together out two weeks of backend with our week of frontend. Click the link to download my full description of the week!

Week 14

This week was focused on the complexities of react forms. We learned the importance of state driven components and how to integrate the front and backend seamlessly. We also touched on postmon to test server side post requests. We also worked on creating an impressive and compelling resume. Click the link to view the full video description of my week!

Week 15

This week was a crash course in user authentication and cookies in MERN. This was the hardest week by far.but we were able to utilize the front in forms with backend strategies to verify users and save their login information. We also had the opportunity to mix and mingle with professionals in the memphis tech community. Click the link to view the full video description of my week!

Week 16

This was a project week. I completed my first full stack MERN project which ran from thursday or last week to thursday or this week. The project was to create a Mock Twitter. This was a very difficult project for our skill level but the end product was very rewarding. You van view the project here and click the link to watch the full video description of my week!

Week 17

This week we learned about SQL! Monday through Wednesday was focused on understanding how to query using a great site and eventually using postgres to try out more complicated queries with more complicated data sets. We also started reviewing JavaScript to prepare for the JavaScript certification on friday of week 17. Click the link to get the full breakdown of my week.

Week 18

This week was focused on passing the JavaScript certification test. We had three and a half days dedicated to brushing up our JS knowledge and filling in any concepts that we did not explicitly go over in class. We also had half a day dedicated to mock interviews. It was great to get the chance to practice a technical and behavioral interview. Click the link to get the full breakdown on my week.

Week 19

This week was focused on learning the basics of Java. We covered syntax, strongly typed variable declaration, classes and packages, and Java Database Connectivity. I also deployed my Django project this week! Click the link to view the full video breaking down my week!

Week 20

This week's reflection is fully dedicated to my MERN app update and resume update. I typed up a review of these changes and linked the PDF to the link below.

Week 21

This week is week one of two project weeks! We are building a full stack web application using the Django or MERN framework/stack. I chose to build a Django web app that allows users to submit reviews os destinations. The app utilizes the google maps API is is primarily targeted at single young women looking to travel safely and affordably. Check out the full description of my project by clicking on the link.

Week 22

This week is the final project week! My website, Safe Travels, has been finalized and the details page can be accessed here! Friday of this week I gave a presentation about the inspiration, the coding process, and the not so final product. Check out the full video description by clicking the link below.


I have completed CodeCrew Code School 6 month coding bootcamp! In this week's video I talk briefly about my graduation, my future plans, and my general impression of the program. Click link below to view my final video! It's been a long, fun, and challenging journey. I'm thrilled that I was offered this opportunity and that I was able to thrive with the help of supportive and knowledge instructors.